We use Deep Learning and Computer Vision to automate Farming Systmes in a very scalable and efficient way.


We developed cost effective and non-invsive ways to automatically evaluate livestock behavior and condition.


We provide fully integrated systems (Software & Hardware) with integrations into existing farming systems.

Edge Deep Learning in Agriculture

We integrate Software with Hardware to build integrated Agritech Solutions. As a result, we enable A.I. based objective livestock tracking and situation detection.

We use AI to analyze visual inputs (Computer Vision) and enable machines to understand what they see (Deep Learning) – beyond the human eye.

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Advantages of Edge Computing

We use Deep Learning Engines that are deployed on-the-Edge. Multiple Edge-based Nodesprocess visual data locally while all nodes are connected through a Cloud-based Hub. On-Chip visual examination in real-time – fully without image exports.

  • On-chip processing (real-time)
  • Decentralized architecture (IoT, Intelligent Edge)
  • Export variables only (low bandwidth)


We are a Swiss Deep Tech Startup headquartered in Schaffhausen, Zurich Area, Switzerland. Viso.ai is a TopKamera Technology Company and based on a proprietary Technology Platform with strong R&D synergies, enabling lightning-fast development cycles.

We work with large enterprises and governmental organizations and have partnerships with leading Hardware Companies in place. Reach out to learn more about us.

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Nico Klingler
Managing Partner